Whose Phone Number Is This? Find out who called you ...

Did you receive a call from a telemarketer, private or blocked number and can’t tell who called you? You aren’t the only one. Everyone gets suspicious calls. But how do you deal with them?

When you are bothered by calls in the middle of the night and you are not familiar with the numbers, you can try to find out people by phone number. You can also a phone number to catch prank callers or to get the address of a long lost friend or relative.

Although it may be easy to find out people by phone number within your local area, you might need additional help for numbers out of this range. There are various service providers that allow you to find out people by phone number and help in making your search easier.

The most convenient services are those that are provided over the internet. You just need to know the phone number and maybe the area code and these online service providers can find out people by phone number for you.

The internet revolution has made a lot that was impossible until now, quite possible. So, when my friend came asking I need to know who a phone number belongs to, I knew just the right place to look for information, the internet.

Yes, unlike the previous years, when people where often found wondering I need to know who a phone number belongs to, but did not know what to do, the internet makes it quite simple for you to find out just what you want.

So, you may ask, what do I do when I need to know who a phone number belongs to? Well, to begin with, it is essential for you to realize that over the years, the internet has become much more personal. People are now more comfortable giving out their information; some are even becoming a bit careless. We keep filling out online forms giving out our personal information to buy stuff, join message boards, make email IDs, become member of a social networking websites, or perform many other such tasks that require us to give out our personal information, including phone numbers.

Now let’s consider that I receive a phone call from an unknown number. Now, I need to know who a phone number belongs to. I also want to find out the address of the person who called me.

To find out the number on the internet, you need to start by going to any of the search engines, particularly Google and type in the phone number in the search box. If the number is there on any of the billions of web pages in the search engine’s index, it will return the results with the phone number in it. So, once you click through this page, you should be able to connect this number with any information available there. Hopefully, and more than likely, this should solve my problem on I need to know who a phone number belongs to.

However, if you only find the name of the owner to whom the number belongs to, you will have to perform another search using the phone number and name of the person to find out his or her address.

At times, in cases of a classified ad, the person might only leave their number as a contact point. Most classified ads have an option to email the person using their email system. You can email the person and ask them for more information. In most cases, they will reply and you will have their email address and again your problem about I need to know who a phone number belongs to will be solved.

First, you need to find out where the call came from. You need to ensure that the number is an authentic number and recognized as a land line or cell phone number. The first task that you may do is to look up for information in an Online Phone directory, white pages or cell phone lookup directory.

If even after going through these directories you are left wondering, who called me, then you may seek help of a reliable online phone identification service to find out the information for you.

Before you take help of the phone identification service, you must ask yourself, “Do I really want to know who called me?” Or, is it really worth going to a phone identification service?

Well! If your circumstances make it essential for you to find out, who called you, it will be a good idea to seek help of a professional phone identification service.

When you go to a phone identification company and tell them that you want to find out who called me, they will ask you to give the phone number about which you need the information. A good company usually takes around 1-3 business days to identify a phone number.

Once you supply them with the number, they investigate and find out if the phone number of the person is a residential phone number or a business number. They also search for the address of the phone number and the name of the person.

There are phone identification companies that work exclusively on non-listed numbers, some work on land line numbers while others work on both land line numbers and cell phone numbers.

Some companies also provide you with the refund if they are unable to identify the number or able to answer your main question, who called me. You can pay them via a credit card through secure SSL certified websites. There are also some who accept payments through money order, check or international money transfer.

Most of the times, these companies do not ask for your private information but simply work on your name and email address given along with your phone number. The who called me identification information is usually provided through email or fax because they are secure and the fastest way to reach clients.

If the call lands on your partner’s phone, and comes quite often, you might want to check whose number is this just to get an idea of what’s going on.

A few years back the only way to find out whose number is this was to hire a private investigator. However, this option was quite costly, and very few could actually afford it. At times, you would have to shell out as much $200 just to get reverse listing on a single phone number.

The good news is that these days anyone can reverse search a phone number listing in the privacy of their own home with complete confidentiality for a nominal fee or at times, without having to pay a single penny.

With improvement in technology, it is not only the landline number, but you can also get whose number is this information on cell phone and unlisted numbers. There are several online websites available today that enable you to find out whose number is this information by using “reverse phone lookup”.

The main issue that you may come across is finding a website that comprises enough information from all the reliable sources to give you accurate and up-to-date reverse phone records. This is essential because in most cases, when you try to search whose number is this you will only come across false or outdated information.

When searching for a good “reverse phone lookup” online directory, you must find out the following information:

• Can you search for cell phone numbers?

• Can you get information about unlisted and private phone numbers?

• Does the website charge a fee?

• Is there a money-back guarantee for their services?

If the call is from a cell phone or an unlisted phone number, the task to find out whose number is this might be little more difficult.  Cell phone and unlisted phone numbers are protected for privacy and the free reverse phone directories, usually don’t have any information on these numbers. So, if you want to find information on cell phone or unlisted numbers, you might have to look for a reputed reverse lookup directory that will get this information for you at a small price.

There are plenty of scam websites loaded with false information such as fake reviews and false promises. Many of these websites exist to try and get you to click on their ads or get you to pay subscription fee. In fact, there are more of these scam websites, than reputable directories that allow you to get genuine information on whose number is this. So, beware of such scam online directory, and opt for a good reverse lookup website that has a good database to get you the information you need.

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Recently Feedback

  • 323-365-0729
    I answer the phone they asked if my name was _ _ _ I said yes they asked if I received my ballot I said yes they asked more ? I answered yes at the end of the call I felt I just got scammed.
  • 951-420-2324
    Melissa Timothy hurts everyone who comes in contact with her. Beware the snake inside. She stole money from her past "BoyToys" destroyed their property, sold all of their gear. She is not someone with a kind heart. She preys on married men, makes them beileve they are the only one, while they are just one of many. Once you realize you have fallen for her games, you will have lost everything. You have been warned
  • 626-269-0559
    1-626-269-0559, it's a woman's voice on the other end, and calling you to inform you about a student's loan that you're probably ( if not obviously did not apply for. At least I did, cause I'm not a student. Not anymore).
  • 312-375-7501
    312-375-7501 shows on caller id they may be spoofing regular #s though. it is a fraud scheme who answers when you call them back, have some fun with them.
  • 312-375-7501
    312-375-7501 , 312-375-9313, 312-375-6268, 312-375-4348 are all robot calls spammer with fraud scheme about credit cards or credit repair. If you press 0 it sounds like they have felons on work release who hang up and won't answer questions.
  • 617-947-6410
    I got a text from this number, "Hey! You just crossed my mind. What are you doing these days and where in the world are you? Hope all's well". I did not respond, as I don't recognize the number.
  • 617-370-3801
    Soooo I paid money for this serves and they found nothing, just nothing, only the obvious things I figured out on my own
  • 888-398-6331
    Claim they are a civil litigation firm claimed they spoke to me and I authorized them to speak to a family member. They began giving the family member detailed personal Al information on him. Henhung up
  • 407-477-6203
    I have received hangout messages from this phone number and I got scammed 7k. Sweet person but sketchy.
  • 825-637-7243
    For the last 2 days this number has called my cell phone about every 5 minutes. It says it leaves a message but there is no message there.
  • 425-518-0747
    This person calles me and said he was from Sears Home Service. He made an appointment to come out and inspect roof Sears installed in 2016 because Sears ia required to inpect it once a year. I called Sears and they said they do not do this. They also did not have record of this persons name or phone number. Very scary. I made an appointment for him to come to my home. Then I got suspicious so I called him and cancelled. I didnt tell him i know he is a scam. I just cancelled. He said his name is Jessy Tapia.
  • 518-588-8484
    This is the number that calls are forwarded to for a fake spam company called Business Capital Advisor who is using my email to phish people. It is NOT a safe number it is a front number for people who need to be arrested.
  • 540-219-0339
    Multiple calls from 5402190339 to my cell phone which I don't answer. No messages left. Will block today.
  • 208-880-7890
    I had the call go to voicemail because this number has continually called me. The message mentions being elligible for some form of credit line or debt reduction and to "prese 3 now" to speak to someone about how you can take advantage of the deal.
  • 502-242-6477
    Caller claimed to be from Community Health, said a rep would be contacting us to discuss Medicare changes (we are not on Medicare). Asked if my husband's birthday was April 1937. I said no. She asked for his birthday, I said I would not be providing any information to her. She hung up. Assuming scam.
  • 202-528-1769
    I get repeated recorded calls on my work number from this number saying they will help me enroll or get better benefits for health insurance, including federal programs. When I press 1 to be connected to a person, someone who sounds like they're at a call center answers. When I ask the name of the company, they hang up immediately.
  • 908-391-3197
    Previous report was in ERROR. This number is good! The person DID leave a voicemail. It is a valid #
  • 908-391-3197
    Have car for sale and continue to get text msg's from scammers. Never an actual call or voicemail.
  • 402-319-5573
    Used car sales. Part of a barrage of scam calls from aholes nationwide in the past few days. Never had any interest in car buying. Probably a cell phone number tracker for list building.
  • 866-895-5164
    They have called me daily or 2-3 times a day for someone named Allison I have called them back and told them she does not have this number please stop calling me
  • 817-980-4832
    This gentleman, not sure about the name, I had called Delta Locksmith that also goes by My Locksmith and they overcharged, the guy was not prepared to do the job, his drill was not charged, he did not have flashlight, did not have the right screwdriver. Have never been able to get a receipt from him. Now he does not answer his phone.
  • 212-244-8266
    I received a call last Thurs 10/18/18 from 212-244-8226. Registered from NY, NY area on my cell. I didn't pick up. they left a vm. It was a recorded message in Mandarin which I don't understand what she is saying. I've received several calls like this in the past from other phone#s with similar lady voice speaking in Mandarin (it's recorded). I never pick up calls where I'm not familiar with the #. I never called them back since I don't know what they want. Seems like a scam to me. If they are in the US, they should be leaving messages in English!
  • 201-252-6816
    Got a call today from the 201-252-6816 registering it from Mahwah, NJ on my cell. I didn't pick up. They didn't leave a message.
  • 732-687-8911
    SPAMMER! Continues to call and harass me throughout the day, in spite of my request to not be contacted. Try to ask for a supervisor, and they hang up. Attempts to return the call go straight to voicemail.
  • 602-882-2597
    Hacker likely. Caller stays silent & no message when miss call... This # called 3 sepate dates/several times when I was under a hacker attack. Tries download app onto cell phone. Found a spy app days later, but damage done.